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September 2, 2014

SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week One

The full poll will be released later today at Team Speed Kills. I'll post and link it when it is out.
  1. Alabama: An impressive win over an improved West Virginia. Considering they have a new QB, secondary, and LBs. Given they had to over come Kiffining from within, the Tide looked pretty good.
  2. Georgia: Gurley is a beast, but Georgia's defense isn't being given enough credit for their performance. If the secondary continues to improve, the story of this season could be more about defense than Gurley.
  3. Texas A&M: Hidden by all those points they scored against South Carolina is all those yards they gave up to an offense that looked out of sorts for half the game.
  4. Auburn: Auburn looks to be back where they were mid-season last year. The only downside is they were a couple of breaks going against them from being Texas A&M with a less sexy coach last year.
  5. LSU: I want to say LSU got lucky, but we are talking Les Miles, so it might be better to say luck got Les Milesy.
  6. Ole Miss: Rebel Bears as the Bad News Bears. Please make it happen, Hollywood. 
  7. Mississippi State: Nothing to see here but an out talented C-USA team getting run off the field.
  8. Missouri: I think the Tigers offense will be ok with Mauk. The question mark will be their defense.
  9. South Carolina: Possibly the best 0-1 team in the state of South Carolina.
  10. Tennessee: I'm willing to concede the Vols are better, but they are still only going to go as far as Justin Worley goes in finding Pig Howard six plus times a game. 
  11. Florida: Scoreless in 2014.
  12. Arkansas: They lost, but looked much more like the teams Bielema had at Wisconsin. Now, if they had the speed....
  13. Kentucky: Before we get too excited about them, let's remember this looked a lot like their game against Alabama State last season.
  14. Vandy: I was tempted to rank them lower.
What are your thoughts?


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