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September 8, 2014

SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week Two

  1. Alabama: See, only God can stop Kiffin. 
  2. Georgia: Honestly, I'm leaving Georgia here because I don't feel any different about Texas A&M than last week.
  3. Texas A&M: Held my mailman to just 243 yards total offense, so that is something.
  4. Auburn: Marshall still looks like he's not comfortable doing anything than throwing to his first read or running. That is fine in September, but it'll have to change (again) if Auburn is to do anything special (again).
  5. LSU: Wisconsin might have had the most impressive Big Ten win on the weekend, so the Tigers might be real.
  6. Ole Miss: Allowing Vandy their highest offensive output of the season isn't going to win you style points.
  7. Missouri: Missouri is missing Henry Josey's ability to take pressure off of Mauk. Mauk takes too many chances throwing the ball. That'll come back to bite the Tigers.
  8. Mississippi State: Ugly win over UAB+Southern Miss needing a miracle to beat Alcorn State=Mississippi State falling.
  9. South Carolina: A win is a win. At least Florida fan thinks so.
  10. Florida: Florida wishes they were in the B1.5G as much as Urban Meyer wishes he was still at Florida.
  11. Tennessee: The Vols running game is still too weak to take pressure off Worley. 
  12. Kentucky: Kentucky's defense might actually be competent
  13. Arkansas: Bad news Arky fans, Vandy isn't on the schedule. The easy part is over.
  14. Vandy: The line separating them from #13 is just a dot to Vanderbilt.


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