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September 21, 2014

Sunday Morning Comes: Troy

All points are made with the "yeah, but it's Troy" caveat...
  • I haven't done an official count, but we must have played 2/3 of the signing class yesterday. 
  • For today, I'm going to embrace the inner Dawg fan and say Hutson Mason's performance was exactly what he needed to get some kinks worked out. The pass to Towns was really nice.
  • Good route and catch by Towns, too.
  • Speaking of nice end zone catches, the interception by Terry was a thing of beauty. Excellent job to recognize, change directions, then get up and to the ball. Not hard to see the receiver in him there.
  • Hello, punt return game. The Grayhound is dead.
  • A shut out is good. And our defense looked like we adjusted plenty when we needed to to stop drives. 
  • Marshall Morgan hit the ball with plenty of confidence on his lone FG attempt. He also had 5 touch backs, and two more balls in the end zone. 
  • The one down side is we still looked vulnerable in our double wide safety set. I don't recall seeing any of that after Troy's first drive.
  • Sony Michel, you are on the clock.
  • Good to see Douglas get some touches. 
  • The offensive line was effective at giving the QBs time to throw, when we threw. See our rushing stats for what you need to know about run blocking.
Overall, this is a good get right game with the Volunteers coming to town.


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