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September 21, 2014

Vandy Kickoff Time?

Good news, no chance the Vandy kickoff time gets put into a six day window. With the possible match-ups the week of October 4th, I think the networks will use one of them:

Sat, Oct 4 # 8 LSU at # 5 Auburn
Sat, Oct 4 # 3 Alabama at # 10 Ole Miss
Sat, Oct 4 # 14 South Carolina at Kentucky
Sat, Oct 4 Florida at Tennessee
Sat, Oct 4 # 6 Texas A&M at Mississippi State
Sat, Oct 4 Vanderbilt at # 13 Georgia

They'll wait a week to see what happens with Arkansas vs. Texas A&M. If A&M wins, that A&M at Mississippi State game is going to be your 3:30 CBS game. If not, then it'll be Alabama at Ole Miss. It is possible they'll throw LSU at Auburn in there on the window, but with the Tigers' loss last night, I think they go ahead and put that game as an ESPN game, probably at noon.

Whichever game isn't picked for the CBS national broadcast (A&M at MSU or Alabama at Ole Miss) will be an ESPN networks prime time national game.

The better news is that the SEC Network has three time slots to fill with the rest of those games. Looking at the three games available:

Vandy at UGA
Florida at Tennessee
South Carolina at Kentucky

One stands out as a likely nooner, based on getting eyeballs on the channel: Florida at Tennessee. Throw in that UGA will have had Troy and Tennessee in consecutive weeks with noon kickoffs, I would think we'd be looking at at least a 4:00 kickoff.

If it is noon, I give up. I just don't see any rational explanation other than UGA has told the conference to put us at noon all the time. Considering it is also homecoming, that would be just dumb to do to your alumni, your alumni and development professionals who are forced to pack meeting with donors and alumni into less time, and students.

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