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October 6, 2014

3 Questions and Morning Comes: Vandy

Busy living dadlyfe yesterday....
So on to the questions:
  1. Now is the time to get our passing offense figured out. Will we? Yes.....and no. Until the interception, both QBs showed a willingness to go down field. Afterwards, tentative armed Mason was back. But hey, Gurley completed the longest reception of the season, so there is that.
  2. Can we commit to a defensive philosophy that works? I noted that we were aggressive during the first quarter and fourth quarter. Come to think of it, that has been an MO for our defense, aggressive two quarters, demonstratively less so for two quarters. I think we've found our identity.
  3. Will we have too many men on the field during a punt return? No, but Isaiah McKenzie forgot he wasn't in high school and all of Vandy's players, despite being Vandy players, are still better than 99% of everyone he faced in high school. I suspect that is a discussion John Lilly has had with him multiple times already.
On the the observations:
  • I loved the wildcat, but agree that if we are going to run it, we have to do something to get teams to think the QB is involved, even if we run a throw away QB pitch pack pass. See the Kentucky game for a good example of that.
  • I'm ok with using Ramsey some, but couldn't figure why we only saw him in for a drive, then not again for a half of football.
  • I am increasingly convinced that any pass coverage package we run that doesn't involve blitzing eight men is a missed opportunity.
  • Of course, blitzing eight men can be neutralized if officials allow offensive linemen to hold with abandon.
  • Our incredible disappearing offensive line was around in the second and most of the third quarter. That's fine against Vandy. It won't be for the next several games.
  • I'm still shocked Vandy scored 17 points. I'll have to re-watch it to figure out how, because it seemed we continually owned the line of scrimmage when we were on defense. 
  • Looking at stats, it could be explained by the FG off the int, plus Vandy gaining 44% of their total 320 yards on two scoring drives.
  • The upside is Vandy was only 2-13 on third down.
  • Todd Gurley. (I don't feel like I need to add more)
  • We won't ever get as nice a gift as the terrible throw back screen play that ended in a pick six for Bowman.
I'm sure there are a few other nits to pick. For me, the past two weeks have illustrated exactly what worries me about Georgia this season: we are very good when we are playing well. We look like we are in the SEC East the rest of the time. Now would be a nice time for Georgia to put together a run of strong performances in all three phases of the game, because Missouri and Arkansas won't be as easy as the last two games.


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