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October 20, 2014

3 Questions Answered: Arkansas

Nice win by a team coming into their own or all the breaks means a relatively easy win?

I'm happy with either....
  1. Can Georgia neutralize their passing game? Yes and no. The middle is still a concern, but I guess it is just going to be. We have definite issues with LBs covering late releasing receivers. Still, the pass rush, particularly from the edge, made the issue fairly moot in the end.
  2. Which team wins the turnover battle? "Georgia's successes have hinged on aggressively creating turnovers, while avoiding them when we have the ball. If we win the field position battle due to turnovers, we'll win the game. That simple." - NAILED IT
  3. Can Georgia play within our themselves? This is the part I think is over looked when you consider this version of the Bulldogs. After the loss at South Carolina, everyone counted them down for the count. Hell, the pundits were giddily sweeping any chance of UGA winning both the past two games under the carpet. Georgia isn't following their little narrative, and in fact looks stronger now than they did when Gurley was allowed to play. Give that some thought. 


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