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October 30, 2014

3 Questions: Florida

This is Georgia Florida. Records don't matter. Who's been playing what way doesn't matter. Florida is playing for Will Muschamp's job, too.
  1. Who benefits more from the off week? The smart money is on the team that has less to fix and adjust, but....but the Gators have everything to fix and adjust. Will having an extra week mean they find some answers?
  2. How does Treon Harris' promotion change the game? I'm not saying it does, but having an off week certain helps. He has looked just like the Freshman he is, but he has also looked far more effective in moving Florida's offense. As a bonus, he is a QB that can tuck it and run. While I like our chances if he gets too cute, or is in a run first attitude without considering throwing, we have a tough choice if he starts executing the Gator's offense the way Roper wants his QBs to. That means using quick middle and precision passes, coupled with timely runs, all while pushing the tempo. 
  3. What does Pruitt have in store? Freshman QB and head coach's job on the line? You'd think Pruitt has invented new ways to blitz. Harris only has 18 attempts, with two of those going for 70+ yards in the Eastern Michigan game. Roper is going to keep it simple for Harris and pick his spots. Pruitt will have to do the same.
Like I said, this is Georgia-Florida. Anything goes. Their defense is very good. If we can create opportunities and win field position, I like our chances.


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