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October 19, 2014

Meanwhile, on the Flats...

The AJC is in a snippy mood about Tech's second straight loss...
For two weeks, they pumped up their fan base. They inflated hopes. They made people believe that a season in which not a whole lot was expected could morph into a bowl game well north of Shreveport.
Then Georgia Tech took that balloon and shot it with bazooka. Twice.
Schultz has no problem with the offense. In fact, it looks like Tech is doing just fine recruiting the players they need to run their offense. The problem is coaching (and probably recruiting) defensive players to keep things close.
North Carolina had such low regard for Tech’s defense – and why is coordinator Ted Roof suddenly looking as beleaguered as his predecessors? – that it went for it on fourth-and-six from the Jackets’ 36 early in the fourth quarter, leading only 35-31. Result: Marquise Williams threw a touchdown pass to Mack Hollins.
And of course, StingTalk doesn't disappoint...


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