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October 4, 2014

Missouri Game Time

Obviously nothing official, but in light the Mississippi State and Ole Miss wins, here is what I think happens:

CBS Noon - Alabama at Arkansas
CBS 3:30 - Auburn at Mississippi State
ESPN 6pm - Ole Miss at Texas A&M
ESPN 9pm - Georgia at Missouri
SECN 7:30pm - LSU at Florida*

CBS picks first for their 3:30 game, with ESPN getting the next two picks. CBS picks again, the the game left will be on SEC Network.

No way I can see CBS letting Auburn at Mississippi State go by as their first choice. That basically leaves ESPN to chose between the hottest new darling of the college football world in Ole Miss, Alabama's rebound game, and a potential strugglefail fest for the SEC East.

I think ESPN will snag Ole Miss and the SEC East game, because both are good narratives. Times could flip, but that is what I'm thinking. I'm way more confident in ESPN taking Ole Miss, so it really is SEC East vs. Alabama redemption. Clearly I think ESPN goes with the SEC East narrative. That gives CBS picking between LSU-Florida, and their high powered passing offenses, and Alabama at Arkansas.

We'll know tomorrow sometime.

*The only one I am 100% confident of.


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