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October 21, 2014

Profiles in irony: Bryan Allen doesn't like reporters

I know it is as shocking to you as it is to Bryan Allen, but reporters want to talk to him:
SB Nation reported that Allen's email to them said he would be "crucified if my name was released."
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He also asked police to come back to his house late one night last week. But according to cell phone video shot by a neighbor, Allen seemed more worried about reporters than burglars.
He recognized that he'd be in for a rough patch if his name came out, while failing to see the irony of that recognition while emailing with reporters. I'm not saying it is ok for Georgia fans to assault him or burglar his house, but calling police to get the very people he was inviting into his life off of the street in front of his house is high comedy. Apparently not all publicity is good publicity.

The funniest part of his predicament is that it only ranks second in UGA's historical record of incidences where police are called to fix a problem that is caused by the doings of the person making the call.



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