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October 13, 2014

SEC Blog Poll Ballot: Week 8

  1. Ole Miss: The Rebels have the edge for the top spot thanks to their defense. That showing in College Station Saturday night was special.
  2. Mississippi State: For the Bulldogs' next trick, they will pull $2M more out of a hat and give it to Dan Mullen.
  3. Auburn: Now we'll see how good Malzahn is at handling adversity, because they got exposed Saturday.
  4. Georgia: What? I mean...what?
  5. Alabama: Lane Kiffin might soon have time for all kinds of sh!t.
  6. Texas A&M: Boy, the Aggies sure picked a bad time to become merely competent on offense.
  7. Arkansas: I know they are 0-3, but they have played the toughest opening in the conference with Auburn, A&M, and Alabama. Now Georgia comes to town.
  8. LSU: A miracle away from being left to the devices of SEC refs in the Swamp.
  9. Kentucky: I want to believe in the Wildcats, but we are still left with the fact that their best win is over 3-3 South Carolina.
  10. Tennessee: The Vols go on a three game swing that will determine how their season is judged. Scare Ole Miss and Bama, and beat South Carolina, and the Butch Jones project is well underway.
  11. Missouri: I still say losing to Indiana is worse than getting blanked by an SEC foe.
  12. South Carolina: Is there such a thing as bye week slide?
  13. Florida: At some point, you just run out of words when you try to explain Florida football in 2014.
  14. Vandy: Anchor way down.
Still not buying anything about Missouri, South Carolina, or Florida. I'm still worried about Arkansas.


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