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October 19, 2014

Sunday Morning Comes: Arkanas

I know I missed how we'd win; I'm ok with that. What I'm mad about is that I didn't predict how we'd be so aggressive defensively early, creating the scenario where we'd be up by so much at half. I'll get to the second half touchdowns later today, and some of them were legit drives by the Hogs, but this was the kind of game I thought we'd be in after Clemson.
  • I guess you have to start with the turnovers. Both fumbles were directly caused by our aggressive approach. Give Pruitt credit for the defensive adjustments after that first Arkansas drive. Both interceptions were the result of our much improved play on the ball during passes. 
  • It isn't an overstatement to say Swann's interception quelled any chance Arkansas had of stealing back the momentum going into the half.
  • I loved the way our front seven handled their huge offensive line.
  • I didn't love the way our LBs looked like they missed picking up releasing TEs and slot receivers. As I mentioned, I'll get to the second half TDs later today, but we've still got work to do in middle field coverage.
  • Georgia gave Arkansas seven first downs via penalty. A couple were hairline calls on out of bounds hits. Three were holding/PIs by Bowman. That isn't to get down on Bowman; he's in his second week at the position. One was a coin flip that could have gone against Arkansas. I think that'll stop as he grows into the position.
  • Still, holding a top five nationally rushing team to 2.5ypc below their average is strong work.
  • Nick Chubb: 30 carries, 202 yards. Yeah, Nick Chubb can carry our team all he wants.
  • Also, it is good to see Hutson Mason getting some confidence back. 
  • And Chris Conley being the recipient of that.
  • Give the offensive line, and Quayvon Hicks, credit for the blocking they did in the first half. Outside of a couple of times where Arkansas run blitzed and got it right, Chubb didn't face contact until two or more yards past the line of scrimmage. 
  • Part of the reason Arkansas was able to come back is their defensive line won the battle in the second half, at least until the game ending drive. The inconsistency of our offensive line is going to be a recurring theme here on out, I'm afraid.
  • Give our Dbacks credit. They have to be our most improved until through seven games. They still have some room to improve, especially in man on man situations, but they are doing a great job in zone coverage, close on the ball/get hands on the ball better, and time hits on the receiver much better than last year.
  • Our special teams were pretty good, with the exception of punting. Barber has been inconsistent. Erickson did a good job pinning Arkansas inside the ten with his, but neither look like they are getting good height on the ball. 
  • Morgan had five touch backs/kicks into the end zone. I'll take that all day.
Give Arkansas credit for taking what Georgia was giving in the second half. We lost defensive focus and they made us pay. Offensively, we tightened up due to the lead, but we also didn't take but one down field shot, and that was a touchdown. 

And we won on the road against a team that very few outside of Athens thought we'd win against. 


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