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October 29, 2014

Todd Gurley and the Deep Blue Sea

There is very little that could have upset the calm of harboring in Freeport, Grand Bahamas this morning. While Freeport is merely the port of Jacksonville with prettier water, the weather is sunny and just right. And the drinks are paid for.

Then the NCAA happened.

Hemingway cautions against writing mad. He reminds us that words flowing from anger are not the truest simple sentences, which by his view is the base of any good writing. Hemingway was not a UGA fan dealing with the follies of the NCAA, though he certainly drank like one.

Now we are left with the aftermath of doing the right thing. The NCAA made a point of recognizing that. That is like the dude that holds you up pistol whipping you after you hand over the money. Then complimenting you on how you took you beating.

I've never been a fan of the NCAA. I have viewed it as a useful evil, if for no other reason than to keep the playing field mostly level. Now I know I was wrong. The field is only level for those willing to play by the rules.

Much like my ex wife and Southern Comfort, the NCAA swears the are there to make you feel better, but here I am feeling like I've been ball punched. Again. Time and again, programs that do it right are penalized, and nicely patted on the back, while programs that obfuscate and deny are mostly shrugged at. The incongruity of that inaction, while praising UGA's investigation, should be too much for anyone in BMHH or the President's office to tolerate. To make matters worse, they make up about half of it up as they go.

Some "member service organization."

Now is the time for the University of Georgia to be the leader it was 30+ years ago when it led the charge that opened up college football for the TV masses. UGA should encourage the SEC and programs from other conferences to leave the NCAA. If the NCAA is going to be the parent that smacks the kid that is honest enough to fess up while willfully ignoring the kid that is sneaking booze and pot into their bedroom, it is time to leave the house.



Thinking Bulldog said...

"Time and again, programs that do it right are penalized, and nicely patted on the back, while programs that obfuscate and deny are mostly shrugged at."

Let this be a lesson to those critics who say college doesn't prepare you for the Real World.

jim said...

Todd learned two lessons of life:
1) NEVER trust anyone.
2) NEVER EVER admit to anything.

gullyterrier . said...

Just like the NFL. They penalize players heavily for uniform violations, can't make the sponsors mad now, but until Ray Rice happened, serial abusers got nothing or a slap on the wrist. Just don't show us the video boys.

muckbeast said...

Please no more autoplaying video embeds.


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