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November 24, 2014

3 Questions Answered: Charleston Southern

  1. How much stuff offensive stuff will we 'try out'? I'm not sure I saw anything out of the ordinary except the FB quick dive we ran with Quayvon. 
  2. Can we get some reps to guys that'll likely have to play some next week?Loved seeing the young guys get some meaningful reps. Didn't love seeing them get gashed by Robinson on the option pitch.
  3. Can we give Mason and his deep threat receivers plenty of chances to work out their kinks? For my money, I wish we'd run a few more deep passes, if for nothing else to allow Mason and Mitchell a chance to get on the same page. Overall, we took six or eight shots, so I can live with that.
As you can tell, the recurring theme this week is getting us ready for what we'll need to do to take the Tech winning streak to six in a row. Again. 


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