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November 30, 2014

3 Questions Answered: Georgia Tech

  1. Is our defense up to the task? Well, no? I mean, we did a good job of bending and not breaking. They had nearly 400 yards rushing, but they didn't go out and score a bundle of points. The real answer lies in what little adjustments we made to counteract what they were doing with the dive. Very little adjustments were made until the very end. And they still ran the football 21 yards with 18 seconds to play to get into position to tie the game. Oh, and Thomas didn't get hit enough. 
  2. Will 24 points win the game? No. But it should have been. We scored a defensive TD to get there, too. 
  3. Who will be the Tech killer? It should have been Mason. Instead, his time as UGA will be remembered for one interception in an overtime that never should have happened. 
Other random observations:
  • It is hard to say if the Missouri outcome had anything to do with the game. We came out quickly and played really well early. 
  • The two fumbles inside the 5 were obviously huge, but we counteracted that with one that was returned for a TD. 
  • I'm shocked we kicked a FG from the two after running a fake FG on 4th and 12...if we are willing to turn it over at the 31 against a chance to score a TD, why not go for it from the two?
  • It was good to see Rumph get a couple of targets.
  • It is early to say this, but it sure seems Pruitt has some learning to do about making defensive adjustments. Give him credit, though, he changed the alignment after the kickoff debacle to force Thomas into making more decisions; this lead to Thomas' fumble giving us the ball back.


RaleighDawg31 said...

Well said. I'm with you and I'm sure a lot of other Dawg fans today - doing quite a bit of soul searching. It is good to stay grounded and remember this is about the team we thought we had going in, as you said, but it's just the potential of this program that's so maddening. The bright side is we should have another hell of a team next year, but then again, just how many times do we need to keep looking forward to next year??? Oh well - good or bad - Go Dawgs!

Dubbayoo said...

I didn't really think Mitchell was open; then again he didn't really try/have time to box out the DB from the ball.

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