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November 21, 2014

3 Questions: Charleston Southern

  1. How much stuff offensive stuff will we 'try out'? It wouldn't be unlike Bobo to throw some looks out, legitimate or otherwise, that is designed to give Tech and whatever post season DC's we might face some extra things to think about.
  2. Can we get some reps to guys that'll likely have to play some next week? Tech's offense is predicated on wearing you out, then exploiting your exhaustion late. Last year, Georgia was the stronger team as the game wore on, in large part to the very fresh legs of young guys due to Todd Grantham's Magical non substitution plan and hair tonic™ . We don't have that depth right now, so any reps played by younger guys serve dual purposes of game experience for them, and letting our starting rotation relax.
  3. Can we give Mason and his deep threat receivers plenty of chances to work out their kinks? I asked that before Troy, but it became obvious after two deep throws, it wasn't happening. I'd love to see Richt give it a half or so before bailing on that plan.
The Buccaneers are a competent football team, but unless we put together a performance that is worse than we played in the second and third quarter against Florida, and give up at least two turnovers for TDs, we'll not lose. So operating on that premise, if we are to get better as an offensive football team, we need to get better at the deep pass. We need to bottle what happened against Auburn defensively, too.


Russell Sauve said...

Well, that's something you can never unsee.

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