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November 27, 2014

3 Questions: Georgia Tech

  1. Is our defense up to the task? I know this sounds like a broken record, but disciplined defensive play (DRINK!) is so key against this offense. Tech doesn't sling the ball around, but they have a dangerous receiver in Smelter. He's only targeted 4 or 5 times a game, but he's picking up 20 yards a catch. When you face an offense that runs the ball 60 times a game, letting a guy like Smelter get alone will be costly. Also, making Justin Thomas think "I've gotten hit too much already today" by the end of the first quarter would be nice. You can disrupt their offense if you make Thomas jittery.
  2. Will 24 points win the game? Both teams work to manage the clock with their running game. Georgia's scoring output is directly related to opportunistic defense and good special teams play. If we don't get those opportunities, can we score enough points to win?
  3. Who will be the Tech killer? We are in the midst of a run of guys stepping up to do in the Jackets. Think Todd Gurley putting the Dawgs on his shoulders in overtime. For my money, this is Hutson Mason's game to shine. With what Bobo has done over the past few games moving the passing offense forward, coupled with Georgia Tech's less than stellar pass defense, it wouldn't surprise me to see Mason step up big time.
As a special bonus, how up for the game will the Dawgs be if Missouri wins vs. if Missouri loses? I like the focus comments this week, but for a noon game after the SEC East is decided on Friday, that is a huge variable. Speaking of, let's pack it for the Seniors. They deserve it.


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