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November 7, 2014

3 Questions: Kentucky

Kentucky gave the number one team in the nation all they could handle for 3 quarters, putting up gaudy numbers against a good defense. In fact, this is a much improved team over the Wildcats we faced two years ago up there. And that game wasn't easily won.
  1. Will we under estimate the Wildcats? Cause, you know, they lost to Missouri and our coaches said they aren't that good.
  2. Seriously, will we make in game adjustments if the Wildcats find something that works? The most maddening thing about last week is that there seemed to be no attempts to change our defense alignment, sets, or approach, even as the Gators basically dared us to stop the run. While I've been really impressed with Pruitt as a coach, it is a glaring failure on his part to recognize that Florida wasn't ever, ever going to ask Harris to throw another pass last week. Add in his lack of forcing Florida to do something different and bringing the fight to the Gators, and that tempers some of my enthusiasm for his short tenure here.
  3. Can our special teams improve back to average? I know we were due for a let down after six games of stunningly strong specials teams play. We'll have to get back to mere competence for me to feel ok about beating Kentucky.
As last week showed, anything can happen. And it has in Lexington. Kentucky always seems to play well against us up there. In my mind, we have to play aggressive defense and force them to do something, instead of laying back and letting their offense come to us. Offensively, we should be able to run the ball. 
Florida, LSU, South Carolina, and Mississippi State all gained more than 200 yards on the ground. If we can force Towles into having to win the game with his arm, I feel ok about this, as crazy as it sounds, because it will likely mean we have a lead that the Wildcats feel like they have to throw the ball to catch up to.



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