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November 17, 2014

Auburn further thoughts on the rewatch

Had a chance to watch it over last night. A few things to add...
  • That Malcolm Mitchell catch on the TD to tie it was strong work. He got hammered.
  • Speaking of receptions, I didn't realize just how good a night Mason could have had. If we catch any two of those dropped passes, he is at 200 yards, two more TDs, and is 14-19. Mason is looking to put more and more touch on the ball. 
  • He is still missing reads, though. There were at least three plays where there was deep guy uncovered where Mason went short to a more covered guy. Of course, if you catch those deep ones early, he might go looking more.
  • Loved the TO to decide (rightly) to go for it on 4th down. That is when I knew we were in it to win it.
  • That is also the play that Greg Pyke showed he is a grown ass man. There is an Auburn linebacker who will have Pyke as the face of his next bad acid trip.
  • The officiating was not strong. The holding on Gurley's return was a legit call. Though they did catch some biggies, as every really long Auburn play was met with a (legit) holding call. Georgia got away with some holds, too.
  • Then there was the 'I'm sure there is a penalty here' flag on the fake punt. The first thing they teach you in officiating classes is don't guess a penalty. Whomever made that call guessed a penalty.
  • I failed to recognize just how impressive Chubb's second half was. He was seeing the field so well. Not that it kept him from finding someone to pop a time or two.
  • The pass defense in the second half was so strong. It helps to know as the clock ticks, Auburn is going to throw it more, but Marshall never looked comfortable on anything other than hot reads. Auburn helped us out with a couple of drops. 
  • And give Herrera and Wilson credit for how they played in pass coverage. It looked like we used them in tandem more to bracket cover that huge TE.
  • Toss sweeps are awesome.
  • The most impressive series defensively was the one that Auburn got to the 11 just inside the start of the 4th quarter. First down was a run blitz with Jenkins for a loss of three. Second down was good coverage by Swann for a pass incomplete. Third was Sanders breaking up the quick pass at the goal line to Coats. Fourth down was the Herrera int that was set up by pressure off our four man rush.
  • Then we drove the ball 98 yards in 6:34 for the TD.
Finally, I hated watching Gurley go down. In the stadium, I couldn't see anything about his run that made me think he could be hurt badly. It was clear on TV when it happened. 


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