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November 21, 2014

Florida isn't an elite job

We all know there'll be an indoor practice facility in Athens sooner or later. But I have to ask, does it really matter?

Blutarsky mentioned something about Florida's coaching job and the facilities, which got me thinking: is it really chicken and egg? The article he's referencing is a USA Today piece about what Florida faces in their search.
USA TODAY Sports posed that question to several agents and others tied to the coaching search industry, who agreed to give their opinion on the condition of anonymity to protect any potential dealings with Florida during the search.
They go on to rate Florida's job as just below elite. The reason?
Did you know that Florida doesn't have a standalone football operations building? In an era where practically every major school has a top-of-the-line indoor facility or is building one, Florida is still at the mercy of having practices altered by weather (which is certainly a concern in the spring and late summer when thunderstorms tend to roll through the area).
The folks interviewed go on to mention that Florida already has talent on their roster to compete. This leads me to the inevitable question: Are programs building these facilities to get better or as pecker measuring opportunity?  I ask that question in all sincerity.

I get the argument that an indoor practice facility allows you to practice during the three times a year it is too rainy or cold to do so in Gainesville, and know that same argument extend to Athens. Honestly, does anyone that matters think an IPF or walnut paneled, marble floored offices are what is holding Florida back?


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