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November 28, 2014

Let's throw it around some: the Bert Bielema story

Settled on the field. Regretfully, that field was in Jacksonville. Now I'm rooting for Missouri to win the SEC, because chaos.

Of course, nothing a 16 team playoff won't fix, right?

On to Tech, boys. Making this thing six in a row (again) is the best salve for what happened in Jacksonville.


Alkaline said...

Seriously, what was Bielema thinking? His team is built around the run, but instead of doing that it in the second half he kept calling for his obviously-injured QB to sail passes over receivers' heads instead.

Benjamin Currier said...

Who deserved to win the SEC East and won it fair and square? Missouri. It honestly kinda bothers me seeing many of my fellow Dawgs' "Pig Sooie!" posts on Facebook: you shouldn't have to rely on other teams to sneak you through the back door into your conference championship. Would I have been elated had Arkansas won? Of course! But these posts only remind the general public that the Dawgs didn't play well enough at times this season to get to the SECCG on their own.

Congratulations to the Tigers for having a better overall SEC resume than the Dawgs and rightfully winning the SEC East. Time to take care of business against Tech, in the Bowl Game, and finish in the Top 10, maybe even top 5, despite not one, but two devastating losses.

gullyterrier . said...

I am hoping Mizzou gets destroyed in the SEC game. But I am hateful. I also hope UF gets crushed today.

DN Nation said...


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