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November 18, 2014

Richt and a Tech blackout?

I don't care what we wear, as long as we aren't using it as a motivational tactic. I think most of us agree, including coach Richt. From the AJC::
Richt has said to people inside UGA football that he doesn’t mind an occasional change in uniform, but he’s just done with using it as a surprise motivational tactic.
I can definitely live with that. 90%+ of the UGA fans had on black/gray Saturday night. It didn't seem to harm UGA's performance on the field. And this one guy....
(photo: Jim Hipple)
That's not red. Like I said, I don't care what color jerseys we wear as long as we are using them as a motivational ploy or thinking it give us luck (or conversely hurts us because we are wearing them). We could all wear white As long as it isn't all white, since that is a Tech ploy.

Richt loves to do stuff for his team, so if the seniors want to wear black against Tech, it wouldn't surprise me to see us in black jerseys, as long as it isn't 85 degrees.


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