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November 10, 2014

SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week 11

  1. Mississippi State - Alabama and Ole Miss stand between Mississippi State and the CFB Playoffs. Unless, of course, they lose to 6-6 Florida in Atlanta.
  2. Alabama - They'll need far more offense than that bog it down tripe they tried with LSU to win this week.
  3. Ole Miss - Best two loss team in the nation. Which three months ago, the folks in Oxford would have happily taken. Football is weird.
  4. Auburn - Somewhere, two angels got their wings in the final two minutes of that football game. Or two Auburn fans in Purgatory lost a very costly bet.
  5. Georgia - In a season of contradictions, UGA had both a great game and terrible game handling kickoffs. Maybe this week, they'll shockingly win on a FG that ricochets off a random eagle flying through Sanford Stadium.
  6. LSU - I don't know what's crazier; Les Miles throwing the ball four times in a row or that it was straight out of the Paul Johnson 'How to lose a game in four easy downs' guide.
  7. Texas A&M - Kyle Allen Field has a nice ring to it.
  8. Missouri - The Tigers are the worst two loss team in the nation. Or as Arkansas would like to say, 'bowl eligible.'
  9. Florida - Will Muschamp has not only lost the Florida locker room, he's also lost the bus station waiting room.
  10. Arkansas - Being the ugliest dude in your peer group still is fun, isn't it?
  11. Tennessee - For the sixth year in a row, Phil Fulmer ruins a season by letting his starting QB get hurt. Oh, wait. That was the Vol's terrible offensive line.
  12. Kentucky - Billy Gillespie was the last coach to get an extension so quickly at Kentucky. That ended well.
  13. South Carolina - Grumpy Spurrier is my favorite Spurrier.
  14. Vandy - It would be the most SEC East thing ever for Vandy to win out, keeping Tennessee out of a bowl game and Mississippi State out of the playoffs. 


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