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November 16, 2014

Sunday Morning Comes: Auburn

  • Offensive line play. Just great. Dominating up front against a very good defensive line. We gained the most rushing yards Auburn has given up in the Malzhan era. And remember this game when Greg Pyke is in his seventh NFL season. 
  • Turnovers. For the win.
  • The officiating. I haven't seen the replay, but boy that first half seemed very much like we were going to have to beat them, too.
  • Speaking of, they look another TD and a fake punt to the Auburn 3 yard line off the board on the same drive. You could practically call the final 41-7.
  • Then there is the defense. We played so well on the edge, but the bigger factor was regrouping after allowing the relatively easy 10 play, 70 yard drive to open the game. Auburn didn't have another possession that went over six plays and 25 yards until mid way through the third quarter.
  • A factor that helped the defensive play was putting Auburn in a hole that caused the Tigers to get out of their game plan. The pass defense stepped up, too. Marshall had has worst passing game of his career with an 89 QB rating.
  • I have a feeling we'll look back in two years and remember when we thought Nick Chubb should be backing up Todd Gurley. Just wow.
  • Speaking of, I hope his knee is ok. If he sits out more than next week, will he come back again?
  • Not to over sell this, but Bobo taking shots down the field really put Auburn's defense in a tough place. Mason threw some really nice passes that didn't connect, but the thought we would pull that out put the Tiger's defense in a tough place, IMO.
  • Got to give Dominck Sanders credit, he played really well in pass coverage.
  • Special props to Bobo and Pruitt. Each coached their best games of the season, easily. Bobo's plan to work the edges, mixed with passes, early worked just like it did in the Clemson game. Pruitt's mix of fronts and coverage shows kept Marshall from making the best reads most of the game. Really strong work. 
Finally, I have to give Mark Richt props for the fake punt call. It was a pretty strong statement that he wasn't going to lose this game without trying whatever it took to win the game. 


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