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November 23, 2014

Sunday Morning Comes: Charleston Southern

The game went exactly as scripted. I'm sure Pruitt would have loved his third string defense to keep the Buccaneers out of the end zone. Mason probably would have like another series or two to work out timing issues with Mitchell. I'm thinking Ramsey would love to have another shot at the play that resulted in the interception. Beyond that, the game went about as well as you could have hoped, assuming none of the injuries are serious.

  • I know it was Charleston Southern, but I loved the breakaway speed Chubb showed on the first long run. From where I was sitting, it looked like the safety was going to get an angle. He never got close.
  • The deep passing game coming into shape is a great development. 
  • It felt like we had 20 people catch passes (it was 10). I love when we spread the ball around like that.
  • I know the Buccaneers don't run the same option Georgia Tech does, but I generally liked how we defended those option plays. Robinson has two long runs, but both were after Georgia was playing it's futures package on D.
  • When was the last time we went a full game without punting?
  • We'll see next week, but I also liked the focus of our passing defense against a team that only averages about 10 attempts a game. They tried 17, due to being down, but against our starting D, they didn't do too much. We didn't get suckered into thinking every thing is run only. That is something to watch for next week.

  • A fun day to watch some football.


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