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December 25, 2014

Mario Cristobal

Boy, I'd love to see him in Athens in some capacity. He's never been a coordinator, but led Florida International to their first two bowl berths as a head coach. He's been at Alabama as the OL coach, played OL at Miami, has coached TEs and OL, and has is a pretty emotional guy.

I think we could do worse as OC, though I'd think we'll promote John Lilly before we'd hire Cristobal as OC.

Just a random thought on Christmas night.


DawgByte said...

You're on a lonely island. Awarding 6-6 teams a shot at the Jerry Curl Bowl in Compton is an insult to football fans.

Andrew Mathew said...

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Russ said...

I agree. I enjoy these games and seeimg a 34 point 4th quarter comback almost succeed and seeing a 29 point 4th quarter comeback actually succeed is fun for me. Much rather watch these kids play for the Poulan Weedeater Bowl than watch pros.

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