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December 23, 2014

On not offering Bobo more $

Y'all, if we didn't offer Bobo more money, it is because Bobo told Richt to not bother. Yes, I agree that we should have been paying him more, but I believe he still takes this opportunity if we had been.

Think about the logic. Financially, we are in a better place offering Mike Bobo whatever he wants than going on the market to hire an unknown quantity. We are going to pay market for the next OC, probably in the neighborhood of $900k. That won't factor in the costs of moving him and his family to Athens or any buyout we'll pay. Paying Mike Bobo $1.5M is better long term financially.

Mike Bobo has never been about the money. He could have leveraged UGA last year, but didn't. He has turned down other opportunities to explore leaving and this was his best chance to hone his craft now. He wanted to be a head coach, and McElwain left a pretty good situation for a young coach to come in and do well at.

The other part of this is that UGA now has a risk free way to see if Bobo has what it takes to be the next coach at UGA. If he goes to Colorado State and does well, that makes it a lot easier hire for UGA than if we just promote him from within. If he goes to Colorado State and does not do well, then it's easy to not make that hire.

Finally, at this point, if Mike Bobo turns down the Colorado State job, he's telling the whole world he does not want to be a head coach.

I'll easily agree that our athletic administration is tight with their spending. But if you believe that we didn't offer Mike Bobo more money because didn't want to spend money, you're not even following your own logic.



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