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December 2, 2014

SEC Power Poll Ballot: Last Week of the Regular Season

  1. Alabama - Yawn. Right were we thought we would be.
  2. Ole Miss - Georgia of the West, but manages to win the in state rivalry game.
  3. Mississippi State - Defense betrayed Mullen. Both the Rebel's and the Bulldogs.
  4. Georgia - What is shocking is that this teacher Richt's best job in getting his team to play better than the sum of their parts. Too bad the strategic side of Richt keeps getting in the way.
  5. Missouri - FSU looks at Missouri's game control and laughs. 
  6. Auburn - When you look back at Ellis Johnson's tenure at Auburn, you have to wonder how much Malzahn worried about defense.
  7. LSU - Cam Cameron is getting paid a lot of money to basically decide that LSU should throw the ball more, when in fact that is what got him fired at Indiana and Miami and Baltimore.
  8. Arkansas - Cute Bielema is my least favorite Bielema. 
  9. Texas A&M - Facing Texas in a bowl game is the least of Sumlin's worries, since the Longhorns have an offense.
  10. South Carolina - How did Georgia (or East Carolina, for that matter) lose to them?
  11. Florida - I still can't believe the Georgia win was the gateway to them getting bowl eligible.
  12. Tennessee - Butch Jones is about to parlay the best Volunteer season in five years into the Michigan job.
  13. Kentucky - One win is the loneliest number.
  14. Vandy - The SEC is built upon two things: championships and Vandy bringing up the rear.


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