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January 13, 2015

Dawgs finish ranked 9th

Let the 'worst 10 win team in history' nonsense start now.

I'll have more on the season later, but consider this: would you have been ok with 10 wins and a top 10 ranking on August 28, 2014? Clearly, I would have.


Carter_Burger67 said...

it's not that I'm dissatisfied with 10 wins, it just seems that we are stuck here. 10 wins and a mid level bowl the last five years while other programs like Alabama are setting the world on fire. And while we beat Louisville in the Belk bowl, they are a program on an ascension. Tech is the same way. Georgia has stagnated. We are now 10 years out from our last conference championship, in the last five bowls, our record is 2-3. When do we move to the next level? How do we move to the next level?

Thinking Bulldog said...

I recall working with you on that top 10 Friday Meltdown list back in August, and how i suggested "losing all of our running backs except Nick Chubb before the Missouri game, shutting out Missouri and winning by 5 touchdowns on the road, losing the SEC East to Missouri anyway, losing to Florida AND Tech, and still finishing in the Top 10 after winning by 3 touchdowns over Todd Grantham's Top 10 defense at Louisville with a true freshman back who gains 1500 yards for the season," which you dismissed as overly optimistic.

Jimmy Johns said...

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