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January 7, 2015

Final SEC Power Poll Ballot

  1. Alabama - Lane Kiffin can't figure out how to stop a third team QB, can he?
  2. Missouri - By carrying the SEC's flag with the conference's top bowl win, there is no way the Tigers aren't a lock for next year's SEC East preseason top pick.
  3. Georgia - Mickey Mouse offenses always trumps defenses that don't have any idea what alignment they are supposed to be in.
  4. Mississippi State - Stop the damn dive!
  5. Mississippi - The Rebels first December trip to the Georgia Dome turned out about like you would expect.
  6. Texas A&M - A&M is a decent defense from being scary. They are a good WR from being terrible.
  7. Auburn - Hard to say if teams have caught up to the Auburn defense, but it has to be hard to ignore that they've not beaten anyone with a pulse since November 1st.
  8. LSU - In a Catholics vs. mostly Catholics, Notre Dame beat LSU in football the same way they beat them in the wing eating contest: Failing to come back late.
  9. Arkansas - If the Hogs can replicate that defense, they'll be dangerous in 2015.
  10. Florida - Florida wins in Birmingham with a QB that was already released from his scholarship. That's just how good the SEC East was in bowl season.
  11. Tennessee - I'm not ready to proclaim Tennessee a darkhorse SEC East contender, but I do think they'll give more teams than Georgia a tough game next year.
  12. South Carolina - The toughest question facing Gamecock fans in the off season is 'are the glory days over.
  13. Kentucky - Hey, Kentucky hasn't lost a football game in over a month!
  14. Vandy - Mercifully, it ends.


UGA93 said...

We beat them 34-0, they scraped by in their bowl against MINNESOTA, and you - a UGA blog - are giving Missouri the #2 seed above us and calling them a lock as the top pick next year? "Carrying the flag with the conference's top bowl win"? Either this is Munson-style pessimism or . . . I don't know what. I may as well read Mark Bradley.

TylerDawgden said...

Bro, it's an SEC Power Poll. Should I put UGA first because I'm a UGA blogger?

Joe Dash said...

I think his point was - while Belk is considered a "lesser" bowl - Louisville was ranked higher than Minnesota, and we won more convincingly (And beat Mizzou convincingly). I tend to agree with him, but that doesn't mean that we are right.

hackersky said...

thank for share.

The Cao Gia Re

Alkaline said...

As decently as Mizzou's overall season went, they still have the single most embarrassing loss of any SEC team this season. And that's ignoring the second loss they took when we shut them out in their own stadium.

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