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February 1, 2015

Dawgs and the NCAA Tourney

With the loss to South Carolina, where do we stand?

While that loss isn't great, it isn't a 'tournament chances killer' like some were speculating. South Carolina was RPI 115 before the game, and will rise after the win. Georgia was very well placed at 25. The loss will drop them some, but not to the 40 or so line that put us in a bit of a crunch for an at large spot.

The bigger issue is which Georgia team are we? Clearly, the team that was in Columbia isn't the team we saw during the win streak. Strangely, it looked like the team we saw is the team we used to see at the start of prior seasons: poor shot selection, lack of direction in running sets, lack of ball hustle on defense.

And a Mark Fox that tears up a guy for something, then sends him to the end of the bench for the game.

Coach Fox has done a great job of in game coaching this season. Yesterday wasn't a good look for him. Getting the technical when he did was about 6 game minutes too late and that is just to name one instance.

Georgia basketball is doing much better this season than I thought possible. Part of that has been a more effective in game coach in Mark Fox. We need him to be that coach if Georgia is going to make the NCAA tournament.



Hunkering Hank said...

Our senior leader and leading scorer and rebounder was out. That's what happens when that happens.

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