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February 17, 2015

Indoor Practice Facility

Now, we have a little more information on where it might go:
The area just beyond the existing outdoor practice fields, off of Lumpkin Street, leading up to Stegeman Coliseum.
For you visual learners:
As you can see, there is the little problem of buildings there. Those buildings house UGA's cooperative extension and the State 4-H offices. Messing with those programs carry a fair amount of political peril, both on North Campus and around the state. 

I'd think any plan involving that site would include a new building for those programs else where on campus for it to pass muster. Unless you get University and political buy in from State Extension supporters in the legislature, that will drive the cost of the project well past $10M.  

One other thing this could be: a leverage move to get whomever is against using the current footprint to build the IPF (which makes the most sense to me). 

There are ways to utilize the existing facilities, up to and including a movable roof/open wall configuration on a new IPF, that allows you to keep most of the current natural grass fields, while not losing any field turf. If the natural grass area is a non-starter, then those two field turf fields certainly could be utilized and kept as viable practice area.

A retractable roof on your building is much less expensive than a fight with State Extension/4-H folks and buying a new building for them.


iceman219 said...

Another, less-controversial site, also fits that description --> It would make more sense to build it behind Foley Field given the existing Carlton St deck.

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