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July 19, 2015

November 21st, Cupcake Saturday

November 21st has the potential to be the reason the SEC doesn't get a team in the playoffs. Scheduling a patsy Saturday the next to last weekend of the season made sense under the old regime. Now, it gives national media/opinion makers cute talking points about SEC's refusal to play OOC games against Power 5 conferences. More importantly, it gives the playoff committee reason to evaluate the SEC is so tough discussion in less flattering light.

Of course, that defies logic with Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, and South Carolina playing ACC teams the next week, but whatever. All those folks will see is this:

Charleston Southern at Alabama
Idaho at Auburn
Florida Atlantic at Florida
Georgia Southern at Georgia
UNC Charlotte at Kentucky

The Citadel at South Carolina
That's the likely SEC West (Alabama/Auburn) and East (UGA) winners playing two Sun Belt teams (Idaho, I looked that up, and Georgia Southern) and one FCS team. Throw in Kentucky or Florida playing for the C-USA title that weekend, there are no winners unless all of the SEC teams win big.

This isn't a call for a nine-game SEC schedule, but if you want a very good revenue reason for doing so, this week is a solid top three.


Carter_Burger67 said...

I will never understand the reasoning behind scheduling these games. So Georgia beats the Eagles. That's what is expected and there will be nothing gained. But if Georgia comes out and the offense is misfiring and the defense is flat and LOSES that matter how well they have played up until then, there will be a precipitous drop in the polls and any talk of a national championship or SEC championship will be over. In other words, there's everything to lose and nothing to gain on these games. Why chance it?

TylerDawgden said...

'Easy win,' home game without having to guarantee a return trip, and a tune up for in-state foe. Oh, and selling another 93K tickets.

Carter_Burger67 said...

I understand all that....but if the Dawg slip up and lose the game..... like I said, nothing to gain and everything to lose.

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