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August 21, 2015

Insert your own eye roll here

I normally ignore Chaddd Scotttt, if for no other reason, the guy always seems to come off as a pompous douche with misogynistic tendencies. For the record, I am neither a woman, nor someone who is particularly prone to PC police shaming, so I'll just leave those observations at that.

So when he posted something giving Colin Cowherd, and by extension, himself, credit for putting college football in the national public limelight, I had to read. His take: no one at ESPN paid attention to college football when Chaddd started at ESPNRadio in 2003. Except ESPN began devoting entire crews to broadcast on location from college campuses in 1993, moving to every Saturday on location broadcasts in 1995.

Just chalk this post up to some self therapy for me, if you will. That guy just gets under my skin.


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