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September 27, 2015

3 Questions Answered: Southern

Nice performance. I wasn't happy with offensive line play early. Being really nit picky, Lambert had at least two throws that were a little behind his receiver. There was one drive where the LBs were either not in position to defend the TE seam route or forgot how to do so.
  1. How many guys will we play? We played 76, with Payne, Bellamy, McGraw, Reggie Carter and Juwan Taylor all out with injury. Jayson Stanley got his first UGA reception, Trent Thompson had had five tackles, and Michael Barnett played, making 22 true freshmen who have played for UGA this season.
  2. Will we break out some other looks on offense? I saw some wrinkles, but nothing out of what we've seen this season. We did do some hurry up plays and split out Michel a few times and moved Mitchell around. Oh, and the long TD pass that was called back should be enough to give you an idea of what we can do if we want to. We still haven't run a wheel route, by the way.
  3. How will the kicking game look? Punt fail. Good kickoff coverage of a dangerous return guy. Mixed bag.
And I hope Devon Gales is ok. Prayers are with his and the Southern University family.


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