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September 6, 2015

3 Questions Answered: UL-Monroe

Raise your hand if you had 'called off after two lightning delays' as a prop bet in Vegas....

Since all three of my questions were stat related:
Georgia Passing
Greyson Lambert8/1214111.820
Brice Ramsey2/25125.510
Georgia Rushing
Nick Chubb161207.5227
Keith Marshall10737.3220
Sony Michel6416.8014
Brendan Douglas3175.7011
Greyson Lambert1-1-1.000
- Team1-1-1.000
Brice Ramsey1-6-6.000

  1. How many WRs will get touches? Five receivers caught 14 passes. Lambert looked like he was taking too long to go through his progressions early, but he did a great job of moving out of the pocket, very much against his Virginia scouting report. Both TD passes were very nice balls. With the one to Blazevich, he threw a bullet to the spot the TE was headed in a way that the trailing cover guy had no chance to tip it. I'd still have liked to see us try out some longer passes, but this is about what you'd expect with our running game. 
  2. How many touches will Nick Chubb get? Chubb got 16 total carries. I think he was done when the game was called, but our OLine was imposing their will on UL-Monroe after the first lightning delay. I'll have more about the line later this week, but they definitely got better as the game wore on.
  3. Will the new look kicking game be new look? Barber had three KOs for touch backs. IMHO, until Barber stops doing that, Marshall Morgan shouldn't be kicking.
This was a quietly good win. Pruitt got just enough to be unhappy with the two touchdown pass plays, both of which looked like blown seem coverage by the LBs (I reserve the right to be wrong about that upon rewatching). Otherwise, the D looked really fast and really good. Both QBs looked strong enough to handle the offense and neither made a Joe Coxian heave just to see what happens throw.

Overall, a good start.


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