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September 11, 2015

3 Questions: Vanderbilt

Red jerseys on the road. Wanna bet Pruitt has been in McGraw and Kimbrough's ear all week about those long pass plays to UL-Monroe?

  1. How many passes will UGAQB attempt? I'd like to think we'll handle the Commodores with the running game, but their run defense looked pretty good against Western Kentucky. When you consider Vandy's defensive weakness is their Dbackield, I'd look for more crossing routes and those slants that we used early to get UL-Monroe off the ball a bit. Also, look for Schotty to go back to that roll out zone flood that Mitchell was alone on. For my money, Lambert will get 20 or so attempts, with Ramsey getting another 5. Plus, I'd bet we'll see some other offensive alignments than base 22 and single split out.
  2. Can the defense handle Vandy's rushing offense? Webb is a strong runner and they do a serviceable job doing things to get him in space. McCrary is also a runner, both as a designed play and to save his own life. Vandy wants to grind out drives and make you pay if you don't contain McCrary. They also want to use that to sucker you into single coverage, hoping to get the DBs looking inside to allow either Sherfield or Kentera a shot to get open deep.
  3. What can we realistically expect to be the outcome here? My gut tells me it'll be back and forth early, as both teams want to run the ball. Georgia's gameplan isn't designed on quick strike leads, unless we break off a long run or connect on a well executed long ball play action. Vandy's isn't either. This feels like another workman like game where Georgia's athleticism takes over in the second half and the Dawgs win by 21+.
Offensively, expect another week of tasty vanilla treats. We'll probably show a couple of wrinkles and run a play or two out of different sets, but unless we have to get fancy, there is no need to do so. Defensively, the key to shutting down Vandy is controlling the edge while getting push inside. Their QB can hurt you, but if he's forced to make quick decisions between getting a personal introduction to Misters Floyd and Carter and making some bad throwing decisions, he'll give you a couple of pick opportunities.

Go Dawgs!


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