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September 16, 2015

Revisiting the special teams coach

I'm either preaching at the choir or yelling into a hole, but here goes:

UGA cannot have a special teams coach without having another coach give up their duties. So if you believe we should dedicate a staff position to special teams, you are essentially saying 'I want us to do with out a _______ coach.'

We've added some folks who help out with special teams, and have two assistants dedicated to focusing on special teams, but in the end, the kickers are on their own with day to day technique and work.

Having said that, Eckler has to make sure his unit knows their jobs on punt safe (the edge guys have to make sure the ball is off before releasing/finding someone to block). Lilly has to make sure his guys know their jobs on the hands team if it isn't a short squib (several guys turned and ran like it was a return instead of blocking the Vandy defenders at the line). Give Vandy credit, they took what we gave them and made great plays out of what should have been simple UGA advantage plays. THOSE are the types of special teams play that the coaches can fix.

Morgan's kicking isn't, though I think he only had one bad kick. The other was just a shade pushed left from the right hash mark. His kickoffs showed more height and were plenty long.

All of this is to say the special teams thing is something worth watching, but I'm not particularly worried about Morgan's kicking or pooch/onsides kicks.

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