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September 28, 2015

SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 4

Arkansas and Tennessee lost in head scratching, heart breaking fashion. Vandy gave Ole Miss a game in Oxford. Auburn is headed backwards fast. And for my money, 2-4 are tied.
  1. Mississippi - Their offense looked a bit more pedestrian when the other team isn't giving them five free possessions and gift touchdowns.
  2. Georgia - For the first time in years, UGA is playing a meaningful October game with the season on the line...for the other team.
  3. LSU - UGA, but with only one thing going on with their offense.
  4. Alabama - Backed into the corner Saban is the scariest Saban. 
  5. Texas A&M - I view their win as the inevitable outcome of facing a Bret Bielema coached team.
  6. Florida - The Gators are starting to get the vibe of 2013 Auburn, but without the nutty offensive play.
  7. Mississippi State - Looking much like the team we thought they'd be with Prescott at the helm. The next trick is to win a conference game when the other teams scores a TD.
  8. Kentucky - Towles has established himself as a top three QB in the conference.
  9. Vandy - If moral victory is a thing, they scored a huge upset Saturday night.
  10. Tennessee - I'm honestly running out of snarky things to say about Butch Jones' in game coaching.
  11. Missouri - Remember when Maty Mauk was in the top QB in the conference discussion? Good times.
  12. South Carolina - In a battle of coaches that will retire in December, Spurrier won a game that will allow the decision to remain his.
  13. Auburn - At some point, you have to think Malzahn will just say screw it and install the veer, right?
  14. Arkansas -  Arkansas at Tennessee this week is appointment viewing, because we all love to see the terrible tryouts on "Coaching Idol."


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