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September 7, 2015

SEC Power Poll, Week 1

Same blogger power poll, but with 33% hotter takes. 
  1. Alabama - I'm still waiting for Kiffin to call some sort of trick play that ends up with Saban finally actually using Dark Magic on TV.
  2. Texas A&M - John Chavis, man. John Chavis.
  3. Georgia - Georgia played like a top ten team against an over matched mid-major. Now, they have to show they can do that with an over matched P5 team or two.
  4. Mississippi - With their defense, they'll be in plenty of games. It sure looked like Freeze was working out the offense for when they'll need it later.
  5. Auburn - Maybe pump the breaks on the CFB playoff spot talk.
  6. LSU - [insert snark about LSU still not finding a QB yet]
  7. Arkansas - If the Hogs were in the SEC East, the SECN's big reality show would involve pundits fighting over who between them and Tennessee is the bigger darling.
  8. Tennessee - Bro, giving up 30 points to Bowling Green isn't the best look.
  9. Missouri - With everyone winning, it's hard to say much about them. Well, except they have an offense that has lots of work to do if they are going to get back to Atlanta.
  10. Mississippi State - Hey, it's a win. However, they are legitimately one Dak Prescott injury away from disaster.
  11. South Carolina - Hooo, boy. 
  12. Florida - A feel good win won't hide the issues this team faces on offense.  A QB controversy added in seems like a bug, not a feature.
  13. Kentucky - Unless this defense gets good fast, six wins seems like a stretch.
  14. Vandy - The SEC East can't have anything nice.


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