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September 14, 2015

SEC Power Poll, Week 2

After the weirdest week in the SEC in a while, not too much has changed. Except for Arkansas and Auburn. 
  1. Alabama - When Saban is casting about for reasons to be mad is the time to be very afraid of the Tide.
  2. Texas A&M - A bit of reversion to the mean for their defense. The question remains: What is the mean?
  3. Georgia - UGA fan is comfortably discontented with [INSERT YOUR FAVORITE THING UGA FAN IS UPSET ABOUT]. Still got a 17 point road win while playing poorly.
  4. Mississippi - Raise your hand if you had Ole Miss leading the nation in scoring offense.
  5. LSU - LSU is looking more and more like a mirror image of UGA, what with the good defense, strong running game, and passing game that looks like it was drawn up on a pack of Lucky Strikes in 1952.
  6. Kentucky - Win an SEC road game and you have my attention. Kentucky has my attention.
  7. Tennessee - Looked like the best team in the conference for 2.5 quarters. I guess Butch Jones skipped the day in coaching school they taught the length of games.
  8. Missouri - Did Missouri sleep walk through a weirdly scheduled road game or is Pinkel's magic mirror trick done?
  9. Florida - Barely pulled out a win at home over a Directional Carolina school.
  10. Auburn - Barely pulled out a win at home over DUVAL FCS school (I know, I know; it's Calhoun County).
  11. Mississippi State - I feel bad that Dak Prescott's senior season will be at least 8 games of him doing everything humanly possible to will the Bulldogs to victory, only to have them lose because he is only but one man.
  12. South Carolina - At this rate, I expect Steve Spurrier to send Danny Glover to his press conference to deliver his line from Lethal Weapon.
  13. Vandy - This defense is legit. Vandy is going to hurt someone's feelings this season. 


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