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September 13, 2015

That time we dominated Vandy and it looked terrible

That was yesterday. Run the ball with authority and playing stout defense. Looking over the numbers:

UGA - 41 rushes for 281 yards - 6.9 ypc
Vandy - 39 rushes for 105 yards - 2.7 ypc

Vandy ran 23 more offensive plays and gained 22 fewer yards. We can "yeah but..." all day (and I will later today in a different post), but UGA did exactly what we thought we'd do. We didn't do it as pretty, and we'll pay later unless we find a way to open up the passing game, but pretty wasn't needed yesterday, again. Despite at least two terrible calls that extended drives, cost UGA one of our more dynamic defensive players, and gave Vandy 15 extra yards on a scoring drive.

I'm about to type something controversial: Vandy's defense is much better than it was last year. Mason has found a solid defensive coordinator. They are going to hurt someone's feelings later this year.

I'm about to type something more controversial: Georgia's passing offense is going to open up. It might not be with Lambert, but it will open up.

One final thing, we need to practice catching kickoffs because South Carolina is going to pooch kick every single time. I would.

That was a dominant victory. No, it didn't feel like it, but it was. Is it the kind of game we can play and beat Alabama or Tennessee? No way.


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