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September 3, 2015

UNC vs. South Carolina

On the WSLS Podcast, I picked UNC to beat South Carolina in Charlotte tonight. There are lots or reasons it could go either way, namely UNC's offense was ok in 2015, but not particularly spectacular and their defense was abysmal, and the exact same thing could be said about South Carolina.

The big difference is UNC has virtually all of that offense back, and a decent (hey, they don't just give National Championships away) DC in Gene Chizik. South Carolina has added John Hoke to the mix as the co-defensive coordinator with last year's DC Lorenzo Ward. So, yes. Co-defensive coordinators. And a new QB with Spurrier is always interesting.

So on balance, I believe this game has all the makings of a fairly interesting game that comes down to which team can finally make a stop. I believe that advantage goes to the Tar Heels.


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