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October 22, 2015

Changes coming at QB?

Yesterday, Dean Legge, whom I think is usually one of the more level headed analysts of Georgia inside baseball, issued what can only be described as a thrown sucker in the dirt missive. In his 'What We are Hearing' post, he sounds like he's personally insulted by the decision to start Lambert and stay with him
That’s not at all what happened. Schottenheimer was “in love” with Lambert’s brain, many have said. Schottenheimer wanted Lambert - perhaps before he ever stepped on campus… which didn’t happen until the middle of July. 
It is a compelling read, but be careful. Legge pulls no punches as to what he thinks is happening, and it is a lot of conjecture.

The one question I had after reading the article is would UGA make a change at QB, especially considering we have Florida next. I'm not going to argue that a change is needed. I'm not at practice, I don't see what the coaches (or media) see, and frankly, the coaches are better poised due to experience to make those decisions than I am. They also have more skin in the game.

Inserting Ramsey in as starter at Georgia-Florida seems...far fetched...knowing how Mark Richt views things. Still, it would be an interesting story, considering where Ramsey is from and all that. Is the upside higher than the downside?

Then we get this from practice yesterday:
Perhaps it’s a product of the bye week, but Georgia’s quarterbacks did not follow the assumed depth chart during drills.
Who knows if that means anything? I'm never one to make a lost season argument, but could there be a save the season argument? Perhaps there is an upside to putting Ramsey in, consequences be damned.


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