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October 5, 2015

SEC Power Poll, Week 5

  1. Alabama - I'm a believer. But their game against Ole Miss remains as a reminder that football happens. 
  2. LSU - Not doing anything fancy except winning.
  3. Texas A&M - Doing lots of fancy stuff to keep winning.
  4. Florida - I know I'll catch grief for this, but I can't ignore needing two scores in the 4th quarter to beat Tennessee. And the Kentucky game. And the East Carolina game.
  5. Mississippi - They've been on both sides of the four+ turnover game. It sucks being on the losing side.
  6. Georgia - Still not man enough.
  7. Mississippi State - Holding Texas A&M to 30 points is kind of a big deal.
  8. Kentucky - Go home, Kentucky. You are drukj.
  9. Missouri - Hey, an SEC win is an SEC win.
  10. Arkansas - In the battle of someone has to, by rule, win, Arkansas manages to do less wrong and get a win in Knoxville.
  11. Vandy - Spoils Middle Tennessee's homecoming. Wait, Middle Tennessee scheduling you for homecoming should be automatic grounds for expulsion from the SEC. 
  12. Tennessee - Good news, Tennessee fans, Butch Jones didn't coach you out of a win this week.
  13. Auburn - With only one gimme left on the schedule, it is starting to look like Auburn might be home for the holidays.
  14. South Carolina - UGA fans, if you want to see what it really looks like when you have fallen off the stage, look at South Carolina.
In looking over this week, it is clear that there are several teams that are grouped together. I'll not try to group them in this poll, but let's just say I had a hard time with the top and the bottom.


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