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October 11, 2015

The problem with building expectations

Is at some point, you have to deliver on them.

Nick Chubb's injury was a ball buster. Georgia rallied back thanks to the huge defensive play to get their mojo back. But then the same old things happen again: special teams, defensive lapses, and offensive play that still isn't, and likely won't get, there.

The hard part about trying to build young talent is that you literally can be one play away from greatness or one play away from tire fire. That is especially true when you have poor recruiting for four years.

There will be lots of time for going over stats, but the ones I find the hardest to comprehend is what Tennessee did offensively. Pruitt's team was on the field a lot, but we have to seriously evaluate our love for what he is doing until there is more shown out of his defenses.



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