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November 29, 2015

Coaching Hot Board

The administration has done the right thing in acting. I'm not saying I approve of the move, but making it now,instead of a week or a month from now, is the right thing if you are going to make a move. Hopefully, there is a plan in place to get a solid coach.

My top choices:

Tom Herman - HC Houston, OC at Ohio State under Meyer. Hottest of the hot young coaching prospects. His teams turn out points. My concern about him is he has no connections to the Southeast. The upside is he's worked Texas plenty, so there is a solid base of players he could connect with there. Get the right recruiting guys in as coordinators and that isn't a huge deal.

Gary Patterson - HC TCU. Take what I said about Herman, add 15 years of HC experience, and all of that time in Texas as both pro and con.

Larry Fedora - HC UNC. What he's done at UNC this season is impressive. What he did at Southern Miss is probably more impressive. Offensive minded coach who is pretty good at finding coordinators to compliment his coaching style, which is very different from Mark Richt's.

Mike Bobo - Colorado State HC. If Herman is to be considered after one season at the helm, I have to consider Mike Bobo. Yes, Herman has had a better year, but he was also left with much better talent.

Mario Cristobal - Alabama Offensive Line coach, former HC at Florida International. Strong Florida ties and offensive minded coach. I'm a little concerned about what happened at Florida International. Another big personality coach who is different from Mark Richt in personality.

Kirby Smart - Alabama DC. I think we've all been down this road. If he gets the right staff, this could be a good hire.  If we think we are a program that deserves a better coach than one that wins just 74% of his games over 15 seasons, we should be a program that hires higher than a coach with no HC experience.

Clay Helton - Southern Cal interim HC and OC. He's got more HC experience than Kirby.

Dan Mullen - Mississippi State HC. Give him credit, what he's done at Mississippi State is impressive.

Chip Kelly - Philadelphia Eagles HC. Hell, why not? If he's coming back to the college game, you have to think it's either UGA or Southern Cal, right?

All of this is to say we'll hire someone that none of us have thought of.


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