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November 16, 2015

SEC Power Poll, Week 11

  1. Alabama - It has almost become boring with how Alabama beats people. Unless, of course, you are who they are playing. Then it is horrifying.
  2. Florida - Are they the most flawed 9-1 team in the nation?
  3. Arkansas - Things are lining up nicely for them to be named pre-season national champs in 2016.
  4. LSU - Everyone wants to discuss Fournette's lack of production, but it should be noted that LSU's scoring defense is now 10th in the conference.
  5. Mississippi - Getting a week off after being pulverized by Arkansas is nice for the body, but has it done anything for their mind?
  6. Mississippi State - I'm still not convinced Mississippi State isn't the third best SEC West team. Mullen's job this season should get him serious Coach of the Year consideration.
  7. Tennessee - The Volunteers face Missouri and Vandy to end the season. That's the punch line.
  8. Georgia - Old CW: Georgia can't beat Auburn because they can't score. New CW: Auburn is turrible and Georgia should have scored more.
  9. Auburn - And to think, Auburn didn't have to go find an ACC reject to have the worse QB situation in the conference.
  10. Texas A&M - There is nothing like facing Vanderbilt's tough defense to help build confidence for a young, struggling QB.
  11. Vandy - Vandy (approximately) doubled their season scoring total against Kentucky. 
  12. Missouri - It is hard not to admire Gary Pinkel's job this year with all they've had going on.
  13. Kentucky - Man, this Kentucky team is one more bad offensive performance from a huge offense vs defense fight at halftime.
  14. South Carolina - South Carolina is back to playing for moral victories.


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