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December 18, 2015

Georgia's coaching staff

There is a lot of chatter about who Kirby Smart will get to fill out his coaching staff.  We already know at least three in the fold with Chaney, Pittman, and Schumann, with Schumann having a yet undefined on field coaching role.

That means we have:

HC: Smart

OC/QB: Chaney
OL: Pittman

Defense is wide open, with only Glen Schumann the only 100% known. Current coaches Tracy Rocker and Kevin Sherrer keep getting bantered around as possibly sticking with Smart's staff, but there have been no confirmation on that yet. I also think Thomas Brown will stay. Lilly and BMac are less likely to stay, but who knows?

With only nine on field coaches, there are a couple of observations you can make. If we assume Rocker, Sherrer, and Brown stay, there only three more hires for Kirby to make. If you look at what most programs do, especially the one he's leaving, I believe he'll make two more offensive hires.

It is possible that Kirby will serve as DC, which I have to think Saban has advised him against in the strongest terms. It is possible Sherrer or Rocker will be DC. I think it is more likely Kirby doesn't know yet, because he's still talking with someone like Chris Rumph or Charles Kelly.

There are two things that come from this observation:
  1. We will not have a dedicated special teams coordinator. I know all the reasons we want/need/have to have one. Know this reason we won't: there are only nine on field positions and math is an absolute. Charles Kelly was the ST coordinator at FSU last year when he was a position coach, so that is a possible. But not for Kelly if he comes as DC. Think Bobby Williams at Alabama, who is the TE coach and also ST coordinator. Also think Billy Napier, Alabama's WR coach. Hiring John Lilly wouldn't surprise me either as TE/ST coord. 
  2. Kirby has at least one more defensive position hire to make (assuming Rocker and Sherrer stay), and it is nearly impossible for me to not think it is Tosh Lupoi. That's an awesome get, as Lupoi is probably the best recruiter on a staff full of jam up recruiters. Plus, he's got so many West Coast ties.
Obviously, some of this is pure spit balling, but a defensive staff with Rumph/Kelly calling the sets and Tosh Lupoi coaching/recruiting, combined with the recruiting and coaching of Rocker and Sherrer is pretty good on that side of the ball. The offense is a work in progress, but by my thinking, Kirby has already made his home run hire in Pittman.


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