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December 2, 2015

Kirby Smart

I'm sure you saw all the news.

For this to be the hire it takes to replace a 74% winning HC, he's gotta get a spectacular staff in here. I'm not saying Muschamp isn't spectacular, but if you are going to stake your HC coaching career on Muschamp, there better be a very good agreement about behavior, approach, and recruiting. The one thing he'll need to listen to Will on is all the stuff he can't possibly know about being a head coach. Let Will guide him through the snares of being a first time head coach.

As for the OC, well, defensive coaches live and die by who they bring in at OC. Especially, first time head coaches.

We might be focused on the DC hire, because of names, but the OC is a far more important hire for Kirby.


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